Turmeric Mango

  • Sun-kissed mango, organic turmeric, juicy papaya, and organic jasmine tea are the stars of this gorgeous and fragrant blend! It is quite literally sunshine in a cup. 
  • Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Pineapple, Mango, Orange Slices, Tangerine Slices, Strawberries, Marigold Blossoms, Natural and Artificial Mango Flavor, Certified Organic Ginger, Certified Organic Turmeric, Certified Organic Hibiscus Petals. Safflower and Sunflower Petals. 
    1. Fill infuser basket or paper filter with 1 teaspoon of tea
    2. 160°F - 170°F Water temp. - Use 8 oz. of water
    3. Place filter in cup and add heated water
    4. Steep for 3 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kathy Miller
A favorite!

Turmeric mango green tea is one of my absolute favorites. Very fruity and citrusy with benefits of turmeric and green tea but a delicious fruity taste. Good hot and iced.

So Perfect!

I got this tea as a sample and fell in love! I wasn’t expecting to love this tea as much as I do but the fruity flavors just blew me away! Perfect for dinner as “dessert” or with dessert! Just the aroma is so intoxicating! Looooove!

Linda Pastva-Callahan
A great tea blend, but...

Drank hot, but taste is very much like Sunfruit Sangria, which I only drink iced. Anything Mango and I'm happy, but couldn't really taste the turmeric.

Susan Sheridan
Turmeric Mango tea

Love it in the morning hot, really has a nice bouquet and the mango is delicious.

Martha Isenberg
Sunshine in a cup!

A delicious blend of lots of fruity flavors including pineapple, apple, papaya, mango, and tangerine. It's definitely a "happy" tea and is like drinking sunshine in a cup!