Mistletoe Sangria

  • This perfectly sweet and tart tea is like an old time tea tonic with zesty digestive organic Sencha, organic ginger, organic lemon verbena, and organic lemongrass. The hibiscus, apple and passion-fruit lend a lovely natural sweetness enlivened by a touch of honey or agave. It will recharge your soul as a hot tea and it makes a stunning tea punch! Try it cold with a splash of cranberry juice, frozen cranberries, lemon Italian soda and a fresh rosemary garnish.
  • Certified Organic Sencha, Certified Organic Lemon Verbena, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Ginger, Certified Organic Cranberries, Certified Organic Anise, Certified Organic Apple, Certified Organic Hibiscus, Certified Organic Elderberries, Certified Organic Orange Peel, Certified Organic Passionfruit, Natural Lemon and Passionfruit Flavors.
    1. Fill infuser basket or paper filter with 1 teaspoon of tea
    2. 160°F - 170°F Water temp. - Use 8 oz. of water
    3. Place filter in cup and add heated water
    4. Steep for 3 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marianne Adamson
Mistletoe Sangria

What a beautiful tea! With all the fruits, it seems sooooo luxurious. One cup is never enough. I am so happy to find delicious, low caffeine teas.

Kathryn Beebe
Love the Mistletoe Sangria

It is so good. This will make me a tea drinker for sure.

Brent Phillips

It had a sweet taste with the taste of sangria

Susan Sheridan
Mistletoe Sangria

A great way to start the morning with this yummy green tea.

Mary Wisniewski
Fruity and flavorful

Enjoyed this bright and favorable treat.