January 08, 2021 2 min read

Whatever happens in 2021, it seems likely that we will approach life with a newfound understanding of survival and what it means to grow both mentally and physically. Whatever life throws at you this year, tea can help! 

Can a cup of tea solve everything? Not necessarily, yet it can provide healthy support to build your defenses both mentally and physically.  

Here are three ways tea can make a profound difference in your life!   

1. Tea & Anxiety

When describing the calming effects of tea, I like to think about the Buddhist Monks. Imagine sitting in meditation for six or more hours each day.  No small task, yet somehow the Monks instinctively knew that tea was the answer to keeping them in a focused and calm state.  

Science and L-Theanine 

Today we know that tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid derived from tea leaves. When combined with caffeine, L-theanine is proven to reduce anxiety and induce peace by increasing neurotransmitters that harmonize our mood, increase serotonin and dopamine, making us calm and happy.   

2. Tea, Sleep, and Relaxation

Sleep deprivation is no joke. It's more than that cranky, please don't talk to me feeling. Brain fog is a real thing, and there is a direct link between sleep and happiness.  

  • The risk of developing depression is 5x higher in people with insomnia
  • People with insomnia are 20x more likely to develop anxiety disorders. 

If you are like me, sometimes precious sleep eludes you.  And while nothing would make you happier, the more you think about not sleeping the harder it is to find the road to Narnia.

Herbal tea can help, especially if you create a consistent routine of sipping herbs before bed. Unlike medicine, herbs have a long-lasting gentle effect on your health and wellness. Plus, the very act of practicing a nightly caffeine-free tea ritual can lead to balance, relaxation, and sweet sleep!   

Sip any of the following herbal teas about 45 minutes before bed or anytime you need a relaxation break! 

Organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile Lavender Moringa

Heavenly Blooms

Organic Peace Potion

Organic Peppermint

Sleep Tonic

Organic Spa Day 

Turmeric Tulsi

3. Tea & Heath 

A cup a day keeps the doctor away!  A study published in the European Journal of Cardiology shares that drinking tea at least three times a week can lead to a longer, healthier life. Compared with never or non-habitual tea drinkers, habitual tea consumers had a 20% lower risk of incident heart disease and stroke, 22% lower risk of fatal heart disease and stroke, and 15% decreased risk of all-cause death.

Lead study author Dr. Xinyan Wang, from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, said:

"Habitual tea consumption is associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease and all-cause death.  The favorable health effects are the most robust for green tea and long-term habitual tea drinkers."

If you're new to green tea, we recommend trying some of these gorgeous top-sellers.  You don’t need to be a connoisseur to appreciate all the good that tea drinking predicts.  You only need to start sipping a cup a day now for a healthier and happier tomorrow.  

Cherry Rose Petals

Healthy Resolutions

Organic Jasmine 

Organic Lemon Ginger

Me Thyme

Organic Japanese Sencha

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