Tea Rose Creme Brulee Oolong

  • Tea Rose Creme Brulee Oolong
  • Oolong, Natural Rose Extract, Natural Crème Flavor, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Certified Organic Rose Buds and Petals, Certified Organic Lavender.
    1. Fill infuser basket or paper filter with 1 teaspoon of tea
    2. 180°F - 190°F Water temp. - Use 8 oz. of water
    3. Place filter in cup and add heated water
    4. Steep for 3-5 minutes
    5. This blend may be steeped 2-3 additional times.

Customer Reviews

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Diane Trubia
Pleasant surprise!!

I was in the mood for something different, light but special, for a mood adjuster!! This Tea Rose Creme Brûlée, was a pleasant surprise! I also received it as a sample. I was not sure I would like the tea rose idea. I love this. Delicate touch of tea roses, gentle and soothing blend. I will be ordering more to always have on hand!

Tammy Escalante
A Calming Cup

Such a calming cup of oolong tea kissed with roses... What I love about this combination is that the roses aren’t overpowering. You can smell their lovely aroma so fresh ,yet subtle. And with each sip it is like a walk in the garden... Soothing, delicate and delicious... A perfect tea gift.

Tami K.
My Favorite Tealightful Tea!

I am always drawn to teas with roses but this particular blend is so extra special. The flavors are perfectly balanced and the cup is so smooth and silky. I received a small sample and have since run out of it. I cannot wait for this tea to return as it will be a regular in my tea pantry! :)


I love this tea! I was lucky enough to get one of the free samples a little while back, and I fell in love with this tea. Floral teas are always so risky because they can oftentimes be "perfumey." However, this tea is perfect. The rose flavor is strong, without being overkill, and it has this richness that makes it very indulgent and delicious. This tea is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Now excuse me, I need to go drink some more of it!! :)

Hi Megs, you are so kind to share this! It means so much to me that you love Tea Rose Creme Brulee. I use my favorite Ti Kuan Yin in this blend and the flavoring process has many steps, and layers!

I'm so happy you were able to get some full size bags of our latest batch! There will be more coming soon. Thank you again for being such an amazing fan, I'm truly grateful.

Tea Happy,