Lemon Berry Lush

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  • White tea is the least processed of all teas. It is rich in skin-beautifying antioxidants and metabolism-boosting compounds. Lemon Berry Lush is reminiscent of juicy ripe blueberries, heady spring blossoms, and enlivening Italian citrus from the Island of Capri.
  • Certified organic Bai Mu Dan, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Natural Lemon Flavor, Blueberries, Apple, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Lemon and Lime Pieces.
    1. Fill infuser basket or paper filter with 1 teaspoon of tea
    2. 180°F Water temp. - Use 8 oz. of water
    3. Place filter in cup and add heated water
    4. Steep for 3 -5 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Yolanda Johnson
Amazing Flavors

The customer service was definitely excellent, thank you! The flavors are delicious and refreshing.

Karen Cardillo
Lemon Berry Lush

This is the first time I have tried this flavor. I used it to make iced tea! This time of year I really enjoy the fruity flavors iced.

Emily Angel

I love this one! It is very light and refreshing! This was an excellent choice for trying my first white tea blend. I tried it hot, however I think it would be very good iced as well!

Kimberly Cordella

The perfect lemon flavor when you need a burst of energy in the morning. The fact that it is a white tea is a bonus! Try it in a white tea cup, the color will surprise you!

Marsha Clark

I am a big fan of the white tea. I love the Winter Spice White but, then came the Lemon Berry Lush! Even my husband loved this tea. I really enjoy sitting down to do some knitting and have a cup of this tea!