Ice Cream Sprinkles

  • Summer is officially here, and that means it’s time to eat ice cream with all the cutest sprinkles! Ice cream is on the top of my mind in the morning, noon, and night. It inspires me in ways that no other food can. It is the inspiration for our new green tea blend! This creamy dreamy blend tastes just like vanilla ice cream without all of the sugar, fat and calories. Sip it iced in a glass rimmed with your favorite ice cream sprinkles!
    Watch the Ice Cream Dream Recipe Featuring This Tea!
  • Certified Organic Sencha, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Naturally Colored and Flavored Confetti and Unicorn Sprinkles(Cane Sugar, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Beetroot Juice), Vanilla Bean Pieces, Carrot Pieces, Beetroot, Dried Strawberry and Dried Apple and Pineapple(Sugar)
    1. Fill infuser basket or paper filter with 1 teaspoon of tea
    2. 160°F - 170°F Water temp. - Use 8 oz. of water
    3. Place filter in cup and add heated water
    4. Steep for 3 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dacey S.
Happy Thoughts

This tea has a very subtle flavor to it but it is divine. I genuinely felt as though I was drinking happy thoughts. Great drink after a stressful workday.

Kat W.
So Yummy!

I loved this so much! I definitely preferred it hot. The warmth just lended to a delicious ice cream-like sweetness, not too sweet, though, just very smooth. So yummy!

Lyndsie Lane
One of my favs

First of all, how can you not love a tea with adorable unicorn sprinkles?! This tea has a lovely sweet, but not too sweet, taste. It makes a lovely afternoon pickup.

Yummy and fun!

I bought this tea because I loved the video of the ice cream sprinkles cocktail. The cocktail is so good and cute and fun! I also wanted to try the tea hot (I like turbinado sugar in my tea) to see how it tastes plain, and it was delightful that way too, very vanilla! I also love the little unicorn sprinkles. If your personality is fun and whimsical, I think you’ll really enjoy it! And try the cocktail/mocktail!

Lisa Tomczyk
Love this iced!

If you love smooth vanilla notes, this blend is sure to be a hit with your taste buds! Even my son Conner loves this one (he also steals the unicorn sprinkles from the bag!). To maximize taste, make sure you use a large enough steeping tool so the sencha can unfurl and expand to maximum capacity.