Tea Happy

The box contains four samples of tea that were created to be uplifting, and well...happy!💐

I was inspired to create this box to share the uplifting feeling that I get from citrus, bergamot, jasmine, turmeric and bright flavors like mango! I hope that everyone will take the time to try these blends and that you will share with someone who could benefit from a bright and happy cup of tea each day!

I find that these flavors are a wonderful pick-me-up in the afternoon when I'm a little bit hungry and weary. The brightness in each blend reminds us that a tea break is a perfect way to re-energize.

Tea Happy,

What's Included?
4 - 0.2 oz. tea samples, 12 paper tea filters, a special gift for you!

1 - NEWMandarin Bergamot Rose
Made in small batches with c
ertified organic black tea, bergamot oil, natural mandarin orange flavor, apple, sour apple, carrot flakes, rosehips, orange peel, mandarin oranges, blackberry leaves, lemongrass, safflower petals, and rose petals.

2 - NEWLimelight 
Made in small batches with c
ertified organic green tea, natural lemon and lime flavor, certified organic apple, certified organic peppermint, certified organic fennel, certified organic lemongrass, certified organic eucalyptus leaves, certified organic blackberry leaves, certified organic orange peel, certified organic coconut flakes, and aloe vera pieces (aloe vera, sugar).

3 - Turmeric Mango 
Made in small batches with organic turmeric root, organic jasmine green tea, natural mango flavor, pineapple, apple, papaya, golden berries, tangerine, safflower petals, and sunflower petals. 

4 - Me Thyme
Made in small batches with certified organic green tea, natural blood orange flavor, and natural guava flavor, apple, rosehips, orange peel, orange pieces, certified organic beetroot, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, rhubarb, apricots, and certified organic thyme leaf.

Includes: 12—All Natural, Unbleached Tea Filters 
Total Cost: $14.00 

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Customer Reviews

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Great way to sample the new teas

I love being able to pouches these boxes. They let me sample before I purchase a larger bag. They make great gifts which can be send to friends directly without shipping fees.
And the flavors of these box are great! Loved the new Limelight and Mandarin Bergamot Rose. Turmeric Mango and Me Thyme were favs already!